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Is counseling really for me?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Maybe you've never tried counseling before. Maybe just the thought of picking up the phone or walking in the door makes you quake in your boots. Maybe you are irritated that your spouse wants to send you to counseling - or maybe you are the worried spouse, hoping your partner will attend counseling.

Don't fear; there is room for all of you at our counseling center.

We all sometimes struggle with bearing the burdens of life. Sometimes our struggles seem small and we just need someone to talk through our options with us; sometimes it feels like our whole world is falling down in shambles at our feet and we need some deliverance from the whole mess. What your counselor provides for you is someone who figures out with you how to navigate the pitfalls of life. We have a deep trust and respect for your inner resources, and in Christian counseling, we rely upon God as the primary source of healing in one's life.

If you are in crisis mode and are just trying to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other, hour by hour: we are here for you. If you can generally manage life on your own but are just aching for someone to really hear you, to deeply listen to you: we are here for you too. And if you are anywhere in between, we welcome you too.

So yes, counseling is really for you. All that we ask is you to be open to the process, and see what healing might flow into your life.

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